Supporting the Global CLT Movement
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Updates from the CLT Center

  • Thanks!  A message from our board president, John Emmeus Davis, to thank all the folks who made 2021 a successful year, despite all the challenges.
  • World CLT Day video:  We've posted a freshly edited compilation of videos and photos on our World CLT Day archive page.
  • Wrapping up the CLT Festival:  The CLT Center presented our final two webinars on December 2nd and 7th -- check out the recordings and materials on our CLT Festival archive page.
  • On Common Ground:  The American Planning Association just published a book review of On Common Ground, by our imprint Terra Nostra Press.

CLTs in the News

Book cover of CLTs in UK and Europe

The Growth of Community Land Trusts in England and Europe

Five essays on the growth of CLTs in England and Europe.

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En terreno comun book cover

En terreno común: Perspectivas internacionales sobre los fideicomisos comunitarios de tierras

The Spanish edition of the landmark publication On Common Ground.

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Porque el fideicomiso book cover

¿ Porqué el fideicomiso comunitario de tierras ?

The Spanish edition of Why Community Land Trusts?

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Book cover for CLTs in Global South

Community Land Trusts and Informal Settlements in the Global South

The fifth in our monograph series, with seven essays exploring the growth of CLTs in the Global South.

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Book cover of Impactful Development

Impactful Development and Community Empowerment

The fourth in our monograph series, with seven essays exploring the debate between going to scale versus giving power and voice to the community served by a CLT.

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Book cover for CLTs in Urban Neighborhoods

Community Land Trust Applications in Urban Neighborhoods

The third book in our monograph series, with eight essays focusing on projects and uses of the community land trust in dense urban neighborhoods within larger cities.

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On Common Ground Book Cover

On Common Ground

On Common Ground: International Perspectives on the Community Land Trust is a collection of twenty-six original essays, written by forty-two scholars and practitioners from a dozen countries, tracing the growth and diversification of the international community land trust movement.

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La inseguridad de la tenencia de la tierra en América Latina y el Caribe book cover

La inseguridad de la tenencia de la tierra en América Latina y el Caribe

The first in our monograph series, which focuses which focuses on the pernicious problem of land tenure insecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Why the CLT book cover

Why Community Land Trusts?

Why Community Land Trusts:  The Philosophy Behind an Unconventional Form of Tenure, is the second in our monograph series, with six essays exploring various ethical, political, and practical justifications for the community land trust.

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Logo for Center for CLT InnovationThe Center for Community Land Trust Innovation is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization established in 2018 to promote and to support community land trusts and similar strategies of community-led development on community-owned land in countries throughout the world.

The Center provides the following services: (a) collecting and curating historical materials documenting the origins and evolution of the worldwide CLT movement; (b) conducting, cataloging, and disseminating academic and non-academic research; (c) producing case studies, directories, guides, and other educational materials; and (d) providing training, referral, and technical assistance for organizers and practitioners working with CLTs and similar strategies for the equitable and sustainable development of place-based communities.

The Center publishes books and monographs under its trademarked imprint: Terra Nostra Press.