Coming in June 2020 from Terra Nostra Press

ON COMMON GROUND:  International Perspectives on the Community Land Trust.

An inspiring book about growth of the international community land trust movement.

Twenty-six original essays by 41 scholars and practitioners from a dozen countries. Forewords by Jerry Maldonado, Ford Foundation; and David Ireland, World Habitat.

Available from Terra Nostra PressTM, the imprint of the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation.

Featured Topics

  • Equitable & Sustainable Development
  • The Once and Future Garden City
  • CLTs in Cold Markets
  • Collective Ownership of Land in
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Growth of CLTs in the USA
  • Community Control of Land
  • Bioethics and the CLT
  • Brussels Community Land Trust
  • Lands in Trust for Urban Farming
  • Evolution of the CLT in South Asia
  • Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
  • Regularizing Tenure in Brazil’s Favelas and in Other Informal Settlements
  • Growth of CLTs in Canada
  • London Community Land Trust
  • A Watershed Land Trust in Honduras
  • Denver’s Urban Land Conservancy
  • Caño Martín Peña CLT in Puerto Rico
  • Growth of CLTs in England
  • The Burden of Patience in a Long
  • March Toward Racial Justice
  • CLT Movement in Europe
  • Lessons from CLT Initiatives in Kenya
  • Challenges to Collective Property
  • Champlain Housing Trust
  • The Transformative Complexity of Community, Land and Trust
  • Reclaiming the Commons


Nele Aernouts
Line Algoed
Tom Archer
Pierre Arnold
Joshua Barndt
Ellen Bassett
Susannah Bunce
Yves Cabannes
John Emmeus Davis
Lyvia Rodríguez Del Valle
Geert De Pauw
Joaquín de Santos
Jerónimo Díaz
Nate Ela
Alan Gottlieb
Catherine Harrington
Arif Hasan
María E. Hernández-Torrales
Tony Hernandez
Stephen Hill
David Ireland
Steve King
Verena Lenna
Jerry Maldonado
Emmanuel Midheme
Aaron Miripol
Tony Pickett
Tarcyla Fidalgo Ribeiro
Greg Rosenberg
Philip Ross
Hannah Sholder
Claire Simonneau
Dave Smith
Harry Smith
Karla Torres Sueiro
Brenda Torpy
Kirby White
Nola White
Olivia R. Williams
Theresa Williamson
Liz Alden Wily

About the Center for CLT Innovation


The purpose of the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation will be to further the development of the community land trust model both in the United States and abroad.  To support the development of new community land trusts and the training of community land trust practitioners, the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation will engage in activities that include but are not limited to the following:  (a) maintaining and curating historical materials; (b) conducting, cataloging and disseminating academic and non-academic research; (c) producing and publishing case studies, directories, guides, and other educational materials; and (d) training, referral, and technical assistance services.

Areas of Focus

INNOVATION:  The Center for Community Land Trust Innovation will foster new ways of conceptualizing, structuring, and applying the community land trust model that go beyond the provision of permanently affordable housing. Initial priorities of the innovation program will be to explore uses of the model in promoting security of tenure in informal settlements in Latin America and South Asia, as well as securing land for urban agriculture in the US – and elsewhere.

HISTORY:  The Center for Community Land Trust Innovation’s history program is tasked with maintaining and curating historical materials originally collected in the digital archive, Roots&Branches. This archive will continue to document the growth of the community land trust movement in the United States, while devoting increased attention to the origin and evolution of community land trusts in other countries and in Puerto Rico.

RESEARCH:  The Center for Community Land Trust Innovation's research program will catalogue and disseminate both academic and non-academic studies that examine the formation and performance of community land trusts. It will also evaluate the policy environment within which community land trusts either prosper or fail to thrive.