The Center for Community Land Trust Innovation is a nonprofit organization established in 2018 to promote and to support community land trusts and similar strategies of community-led development on community-owned land in countries throughout the world. It maintains an archive of historical materials about the birth of the international CLT movement, tracks the movement's contemporary growth through a global CLT directory, manages a free online library of articles, reports, and manuals about CLTs, and records interviews with key thinkers and practitioners. Under its imprint Terra Nostra Press, the Center publishes books and monographs about the theory and practice of community land trusts.

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News from the CLT Center and Terra Nostra Press

Terra Nostra Press:  The latest volume in our monograph series, Why Community Land Trusts, is a must-read for anyone beginning their exploration of the CLT model.  It contains six essays looking at this unconventional approach to real property, exploring various ethical, political, and practical justifications for the CLT. This is the third publication from Terra Nostra Press in 2020, all now available in paperback and eBook formats.

New Website Resources:  One of the unsung contributions of John Emmeus Davis is his regularly updated bibliography of books, articles, and research papers about CLTs, which has a new home on the CLT Center website.  Another is John's timeline of the history of the CLT movement, which now incorporates roots stretching back thousands of years to the earliest examples of collective ownership of property.  Plus we've added a whole new section on land tenure for urban farming, which serves as a companion to our upcoming monograph, Community Land Trust Applications in Urban Neighborhoods.

CLT Center Interviews with Gus Newport and Liz Alden Wiley: Gus Newport's contributions to the civil rights and CLT movements span decades, and we have a brand-new interview with Gus where he talks with John Emmeus Davis about his work with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and the Institute for Community Economics -- as well as his friendships with Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela.  We have added another new interview with Liz Alden Wiley about her chapter in On Common Ground. Liz is an internationally renowned expert on land tenure, specializing in forms of customary, collective, and community landholding.

These video interviews with Gus and Liz are now posted on the Center's interviews page, alongside interviews previously recorded with Tony Pickett, Brenda Torpy, Geert du Pauw, Theresa Williamson, Tarcyla Fidalgo Ribeiro, and CLT organizers from Rio's favelas.

Hot Topics:  Here are the latest highlights from the Hot Topics page of the CLT Center's website:

  • Emma Zehner, from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, writes about collaborations between land banks and community land trusts.
  • Molly Solomon and Erin Baldassari report on housing as reparations to close the Black homeownership gap.
  • James Tracy from Shelterforce Magazine interviews John Emmeus Davis, Line Algoed, and María E. Hernández-Torrales about the international community land trust movement.


Residents Taking Control: Securing Land Rights through CLTs: The role of community land trusts in securing land rights for residents will be discussed at a webinar hosted by World Habitat – as part of the CoHabitat Network – on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 1pm GMT (you can register here).  This webinar will focus on both successful and emerging or potential CLTs in Puerto Rico, Brazil and Bangladesh. Panellists will include:

  • Mariolga Juliá Pacheco, Caño Martín Peña CLT, Puerto Rico – a World Habitat Award winner in 2015;
  • Theresa Williamson, Favela CLT/Catalytic Communities, Brazil;
  • Khalid Hussain and Rabeya Rahman, Community-Led Development of the Urdu-Speaking Bihari Camps, Bangladesh ; and
  • Line Algoed, Center for CLT Innovation and co-editor of On Common Ground: International Perspectives of Community Land Trusts.

Survey on the Influence of Housing and Neighborhood In Responding to COVID-19: A global survey from urbaMonde and We Effect aims to collect information to determine whether collective housing approaches facilitate increased resilience in response to the pandemic.  The survey is open through October 31st, and is available here.

Congratulations to our colleagues at SHICC on winning the Regio Stars Award 2020! This short video narrated by Audrey Linkenheld from Lille, France and Geert du Pauw from Brussels does an excellent job of describing the work of SHICC and explaining community land trusts.

From Our Facebook and Twitter Feeds

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  • Another new CLT starting out - this the first in the state of Nebraska, USA - as more and more people look to CLT for a permanently affordable housing solution
  • In his report to the PM on 'leveling up' with community action, Danny Kruger has made a very strong statement about the role of community land trust, backs the idea of a community Right to Buy land/assets and a bigger Community Ownership Fund.
  • With the growth of capital financialisation, the CLT project emerges as an opportunity for favela residents to discuss the role of individual property titles and their limits as a form of protection for the right to housing.