About the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation

Background:  The Center for Community Land Trust Innovation is an outgrowth of Roots & Branches, an online archive launched in 2014 to track the origins and evolution of community land trusts in the United States. Over the next few years, this collection of historical documents, photographs, videos, and profiles grew larger and its focus grew broader, encompassing CLT innovations in the USA and CLT developments in other countries.

Endeavoring to enhance the permanence and relevance of the website they had created, and to create a new platform for researching current CLT practices and for exploring novel variations and applications of the CLT model, the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation was launched in 2018, with significant assistance from the Global Land Alliance.

Part of the underlying rationale for the Center for CLT Innovation is the belief that community land trusts have much to offer the world’s 1 billion people who live as squatters on lands they neither own nor control. The Center’s leaders also believe that CLTs can be used more widely to secure reliable, durable access to food production sites, thereby contributing to healthy communities, local self-reliance, and the global community food system movement.