Program Chart for CLT CenterWorld CLT Day / CLT Festival:  The CLT Center will provide lead organizing support for the second annual World CLT Day (October 28-29, 2022) and the two-month long International CLT Festival (October and November 2022). These events will provide an opportunity for CLT practitioners, board members, and residents to participate in global conversations, expand their knowledge, and celebrate the successes of their own organizations in solidarity with colleagues from around the world.  No registration fees will be charged to any of these events.

Publications:  Scheduled for publication in October 2022, Community Matters will focus on the role of community organizing and resident engagement in CLTs, featuring conversations with CLT practitioners from around the world. Community Matters will be the first in a series of books from Terra Nostra Press based on interviews with leading figures in the CLT movement. Planned for 2023 will be a book focused on CLT applications that go “beyond housing.” 

Digital Resources: The CLT Center will continue to expand the resources available on our website ( -- already the most extensive collection of CLT-specific materials in the world -- through the addition of new content focused on the Global South, Europe, and housing cooperatives. Content in languages other than English will be expanded as well.  All resources on our website are available to the public without charge.

New Initiatives Being Explored:  The CLT Research Collaborative will bring together young scholars and interested CLT practitioners to focus research efforts on issues of practical use in the field. The Digital/Commons Project will bring together CLT practitioners and web3 technologists to explore ways to support regenerative development practices. The Global Help Desk, in combination with our continuing peer-to-peer efforts, will support the establishment of new CLTs, with a particular focus on the Global South.