Our Team

Board of Directors

  • John Emmeus Davis, President:  Burlington Associates (US)
  • María Hernández Torrales, Secretary:  University of Puerto Rico School of Law, Caño Martín Pena CLT (Puerto Rico/US)
  • Line Algoed, Treasurer:  Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research (Belgium)
  • Geert De Pauw:  Community Land Trust Brussels (Belgium)
  • Devika Goetschius:  Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County (US)
  • Gus Newport:  National Council of Elders (US)
  • Mariolga Juliá Pacheco:  Caño Martin Pena CLT (Puerto Rico/US)
  • David Smith:  London Community Land Trust (UK)
  • Harry Smith:  Harry Smith Consulting (US)
  • Brenda Torpy:  Champlain Housing Trust (US)
  • Bea Varnai:  urbaMonde (France)
  • Rev. John Whitfield:  Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (US)
  • Theresa Williamson:  Catalytic Communities (Brazil)

Terra Nostra Press Editorial Board

  • John Emmeus Davis, Editor in Chief:  Burlington Associates (US)
  • María Hernández Torrales:  University of Puerto Rico School of Law, Caño Martín Pena CLT (Puerto Rico/US)
  • Line Algoed:  Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research (Belgium)

Workgroup Conveners

  • COVID-19:  Pierre Arnold
  • Global South:  María Hernández Torrales
  • Racial Equity:  Gus Newport and Harry Smith
  • Research and Teaching:  Devika Goetschius

Technical Advisory Committee

  • Pierre Arnold:  urbaMonde (France)
  • Yves Cabannes: University College London (Portugal)
  • Marcia Caton Campbell:  Rooted WI (US)
  • Malcolm Childress:  Global Land Alliance (US)
  • Louise Crabtree:  Western Sydney University - Institute for Culture and Society (Australia)
  • Tony Hernandez:  Dudley Neighbors Incorporated (US)
  • Stephen Hill:  C2O futureplanners, Churchill Fellow (UK)
  • James Leyba:  Fannie Mae (US)
  • Tony Pickett:  Grounded Solutions Network (US)
  • Lyvia Rodriguez Del Valle:  El Enjambre (Puerto Rico/US)
  • Emily Seibel:  Yellow Springs Home (US)
  • Mariangela Veronesi:  World Habitat (UK)


  • Greg Rosenberg, Project Coordinator:  Rosenberg and Associates (US)