Madison Area Community Land Trust

Troy Gardens Case Study Archive

Troy GardensThis archive was created in 2007, as part of a case study project between the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the National Community Land Trust Academy.  These materials document the development of Troy Gardens, a mixed-use project of the Madison Area Community Land Trust that began in 2001 and was completed in 2007, which combined a working community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, community gardens, a restored prairie, and a 30-unit mixed-income cohousing community.  This project was selected by the Lincoln Institute because it illustrates (a) the flexibility of the CLT model in accommodating a wide variety of land uses, and (b) the effectiveness of community-based planning approaches.  The lead developer of Troy Gardens, Greg Rosenberg, is always happy to answer questions about the project, and can be reached at

Livable Communities Award (AARP-NAHB)

Home Depot Foundation Award