Supporting the Global CLT Movement

2021 International CLT Festival

Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC) and the Center for CLT Innovation are partnering to present the International Community Land Trust Festival, running from September to December 2021. The Festival will consist of a series of online events, some live and some prerecorded, and will include the first World CLT Day on October 29th.

The CLT Festival is the culmination of four years work by SHICC funded by the European Union. SHICC-sponsored events will occur in September, while events sponsored by the Center for CLT Innovation will continue throughout the Fall and early Winter. And registration for SHICC and CLT Center-sponsored events is free!  There will be simultaneous translation into English and French for all online events -- with the addition of Spanish for the Center for CLT Innovation's events.

If you would like to add your event to the CLT Festival calendar -- we'd love to know about it.  Just fill out this form and we'll add your event!

CLT Festival Calendar

Please note that the times displayed are Central European Time. For US Central Time, subtract 7 hours.

Upcoming Festival Events

SEPTEMBER 23: 15:00 Central European Time, 8 AM US Central Time

SHICC: Peer-to-Peer Exchange: Advanced

Description: Once a Community Land Trust reaches a certain scale, it is confronted with new questions. What role do we want to take in maintaining and managing the homes, and how do we organize this? How do we achieve a sustainable financial balance? How do we keep the community involved in our operation?  In this highly-interactive session, Brenda Torpy will talk about how they deal with these questions at Burlington's Champlain Housing Trust, one of the world's oldest and largest CLTs. Hannah Emery-Wright of London CLT and Geert De Pauw of CLT Brussels, two CLTs in the process of scaling up, will also talk about how they tackle these challenges.
Languages: English and French.
SEPTEMBER 23: 17:00 Central European Time, 10 AM US Central Time

SHICC: Peer-to-Peer Exchange: Beginners

Description: This session aims to support budding CLT groups in their journey towards the creation of their CLT. It will be an opportunity to share knowledge with peer groups as well as more experienced CLTs.  In this highly-interactive session, speakers will share their experience on what it is like to set up a CLT, discuss the legal issues faced when launching a CLT, and present the experience of the Midsteeple Quarter in Dumfries, Scotland, to share what community factors and motivations CLTs seek to address.
Languages: English and French
SEPTEMBER 24: 10:00 - 13:00 Central European Time, 3 AM US Central Time

SHICC: European CLT Conference

Description: This online conference showcases the spread of the CLT movement in Europe through focussing on developments in England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland and Ireland. Speakers will give a perspective on what went well and what the obstacles to the spread of the model were. We will conclude by delineating the next steps for the European CLT movement.
Languages: English and French.
SEPTEMBER 27: 17:00 Central European Time, 10 AM US Central Time

CLT CENTER: Building the Beloved Community


Description: This panel discussion will focus on moving toward greater racial and ethnic equity in the international CLT movement, highlighting the efforts of CLTs to make themselves more inclusive and exploring inspiring examples of CLTs working to create and support beloved communities around the world. Topics will include: (a) organizing young people to ensure the future of the CLT movement; (b) protecting low-income neighborhoods and informal settlements facing the threat of displacement; (c) welcoming immigrants and refugees into our communities; and (d) promoting racial and ethnic diversity in the staffing and governance of community land trusts.

Languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Moderator:  Theresa Williamson, Catalytic Communities (Brazil)

Opening Remarks:  Rev. John Whitfield (US)


Completed Events

CLT CENTER: Impactful Development and Community Empowerment


Description: How do CLTs strike a balance between community empowerment and “going to scale”?  Is impact measured solely by the number of housing units produced?  Should the production of units take priority over community organizing and community-based planning processes?  Are CLTs relevant only if they are able to produce housing units at significant scale?  This discussion will draw upon the recent publication by Terra Nostra Press, Impactful Development and Community Development.

Languages: English, French and Spanish.

Moderator:  Line Algoed, Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research (Belgium)





CLT CENTER: Combining CLTs and Other Models of Collective Ownership

Description: In North America and much of Europe, private ownership is the dominant model.  This event will rather focus on collective ownership models for land and housing, including housing cooperatives (zero-equity and limited-equity) and inclusive cohousing, that are being creatively combined with CLTs in the USA, the UK, and Europe.

Moderator:  Michael LaFond, id22 and Stadtbodenstiftung (Germany)





SHICC (Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities) is a European project that aims to develop, support and disseminate the CLT/OFS model in Europe. SHICC is structured around three main themes: recognition of the legitimacy of the model, creation of a financial and legislative environment conducive to the establishment and expansion of CLT/OFS, and capacity building for existing and emerging CLT/OFS

This Festival has been made possible thanks to the support of the SHICC project and the Brussels-Capital Region.