Favela CLT Project Celebrates Five Years in Rio de Janeiro

The following contribution was written by Center for CLT Innovation Board Member Tarcyla Fidalgo, Catalytic Communities/Favela CLT Network

On October 28, 2023, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Favela CLT project in Brazil. To mark this special occasion, we hosted an in-person event with online transmission, featuring esteemed guests Razia Khanom from the London CLT, Ashley Allen from the Houston CLT, and Mario Nuñez and Barbara de Jesús from the Fideicomiso de la Tierra Caño Martín Peña in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We were also honored by the presence of Brazilian leaders Paulo Machado and Neide Mattos, respectively from the Trapicheiros and Esperança communities — both pioneering pilot CLT experiences in Brazil.

Photo of panelists at conference
Photo of panelists (from left to right: Mario Nuñez, Barbara de Jesús, Ashley Allen, Razia Khanom, Tarcyla Fidalgo) on behalf of the Favela CLT Project

Despite it being a Saturday, we welcomed over 120 attendees and had more than 500 online participants, reinforcing the project’s strength and growing significance in Brazil.
The day concluded with a celebration of the project’s remarkable journey — from an unknown model to a prominent presence in the public debate. Recognized as a viable alternative for ensuring adequate housing, the Favela CLT is now embedded in municipal legislation and is the subject of numerous academic studies across the country.

Photo of in-person participants at the 5th anniversary celebration of the Favela CLT Project
Photo of participants on behalf of the Favela CLT Project

This success owes much to the unwavering support of institutions like the Center for Community Land Trust Innovation, which has diligently monitored and promoted the project since its inception in Brazil.
Proposing a new model in a vast country like Brazil requires constant support and engagement from national and international partners. The triumph of the Favela CLT project underscores the model’s potential in the Global South, emphasizing the importance of supporting and disseminating such initiatives in the countries it encompasses.

Videos of the online transmission are available on the Favela CLT project’s YouTube Channel.

The full English-dubbed video can be seen here:

At this point in time, the Portuguese-dubbed video has been spliced per panelist. All videos can be found on their YouTube Channel, however, for ease of access all conference-specific videos are listed below.



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