Favela CLT Timeline


Lincoln Institute asks for viability study for the CLT under Brazilian law.


  • July:  5-day workshops with members from the Fideicomiso de la Tierra Caño Martín Peña to discuss the CLT model in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.
  • August:  The Favela-CLT permanent Working Group is formed.
  • December:  First workshop at Trapicheiros community.


First workshop at Esperança community.


Pandemic strikes. Interruption of face-to-face activities at the communities.


  • April:  Favela-CLT Project launches video, website and Facebook page
  • May:  The CLT model is discussed in Rio’s new urban Master Plan, and included in the final text.
  • July:  First National Seminar on the Favela-CLT
  • September:  Public Hearing on the CLT is held at Rio de Janeiro’s City Council.
  • December:  First Brazilian law that acknowledges the CLT is approved.


  • February:  Mobilization activities at the pilot communities are resumed.
  • April:  National seminar on collective land tenure.