Neighborhood Satellites

Satellite organizations serve as the voice of the community. They may be existing nonprofits (community development corporations, community land trusts, etc), new start-ups, or more informal entities. What they share in common is the ability to speak on behalf of the neighborhoods in which they are located, ensuring that land use decisions are in the best interest of present (and future) residents of the neighborhood.

By freeing up these neighborhood-based entities from the heavy lifting of real estate transactions, infrastructure installation, and negotiating favorable property tax treatment, they can better focus on planning, recruiting growers, and looking for ways to integrate farming (and farmers) into the fabric of their community. In other words, they can focus on the critical work of governing and managing productive land with the oversight and engagement of community members.

It will be critically important for these satellite entities to also have a governance role in regards to the central server entity, to ensure that the central server contains to keep its eye on the prize of supporting these neighborhood organizations.