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Institute for Community Economics (1967-2006)

For nearly 50 years, ICE played the leading role in defining and promoting the community land trust model in the United States. Founded by Ralph Borsodi in 1967, its original name was the International Independence Institute. When Borsodi retired in 1972, Bob Swann became the organization’s executive director and changed its name to the Institute for Community Economics.

National CLT Conferences (1983-2012)

The first national community land trust conference was held in 1983 in Voluntown, Connecticut. Every year or two since, community land trust practitioners from across the United States have come together to learn from one other and to chart the future of their movement. Here is a gallery of selected images from thirty-plus years of community land trust conferences.

National CLT Academy (2006-2012)

The National Community Land Trust Academy was a joint venture of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the National CLT Network. From 2006 to 2012, it was operated as program of the Network under a charter that created a separate Academy advisory board and granted that board a degree of autonomy in planning, designing, and delivering comprehensive trainings on theories and practices unique to community land trusts.