2022 Sponsorship Campaign

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In the movie Field of Dreams, a farmer from Iowa builds a baseball diamond in the middle of a corn field to summon the ghost of a legendary baseball player. He is compelled to do so by a booming voice from the sky that intones, "if you build it, he will come."

We’ve been doing something similar over the past few years here at the Center for CLT Innovation. But instead of hoping for ghosts to visit a corn field in Iowa, our vision was to build a wide range of support that included foundations, individuals, peer organizations, practitioners and allies to advance our shared community land trust mission of expanding access to land and housing security worldwide .

We created our own publishing imprint, Terra Nostra Press, because we wanted to bring a new collection of critical essays and case studies about community land trusts into the world, with our own editors, at our own pace and in our own style.  We are glad that we did, because in addition to On Common Ground, we have published eight other books about CLTs -- including the very first publications about CLTs in Spanish.  We have another book coming out in September entitled Community Matters, which explores various approaches to community organizing and engagement as described by leading practitioners in the CLT movement.

We created a website to serve a global audience, so that people all over the world have a place to visit if they want to learn more about community land trusts and related forms of community-led development on community-owned land.  We co-sponsored last year, with our colleagues in Europe, the first International CLT Festival and organized the first World CLT Day. We plan to repeat both events this coming October.

We have thoroughly enjoyed your active participation and support, and cannot thank you enough for purchasing our books, for visiting our website, for attending our online events, and for being a part of World CLT Day. Without you, we wouldn't still be here.

Now that we've built it together, we hope to count on your ongoing support to keep it going. We are reaching out today to ask you to consider offering financial support for our work going forward. All resources will be used to meet the objectives of the Center.

Your contributions -- large or small -- will make it possible for us to continue the work.  In addition to helping us raise needed funds, this is also an opportunity for us to demonstrate international support for our work,  which in turn will help us to leverage additional foundation support.

If would you like more information about our work -- you can check out our website to read about our 2021 activities, our current programs, our team, as well as our mission.

If you have an interest in supporting any or all of our upcoming projects – or the Center itself – we would greatly appreciate any donation you would like to make.

On behalf of the Center for CLT Innovation,

John Davis, President
Line Algoed, Vice-President
María Hernández Torrales, Secretary
Brenda Torpy, Treasurer