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"Overall, the editors masterfully compile original essays into a persuasive argument for solving the international land rights and housing crisis. On Common Ground resoundingly demonstrates the transformative possibilities that CLTs can produce across the globe when community organizing, operation, and ownership of land connects and expands. Given the target audience includes those working in housing and community development, community organizing, and policy analysis, positions many planners hold or engage, I highly recommend this book to planning professionals and academicians alike."

Jeffrey S. Lowe, Journal of the American Planning Association

“On Common Ground is an essential read for those interested in addressing the affordable housing crisis, which will continue to be exacerbated by the negative economic impacts of COVID-19. Due to a long and painful history of institutional racism and the lack of responsive action by many elected leaders, home ownership and quality rental housing have historically been denied to persons of color. The book examines the growth of the community land trust (CLT) model and how it has adapted in urban and rural environments, offering readers a thoughtful and empathetic overview of how to start and scale a CLT to ensure that affordable housing incorporates its residents. The book leaves readers with a sense of hope for the future and practical ways in which this model can be built and sustained.”

Robert Burns, Senior Vice President, CitiBank, and Board President of Grounded Solutions Network

"Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic effects threaten to exacerbate already severe inequities, especially with regards to the ownership, access, and control of land and housing. In the United States, as eviction moratoriums in many states and localities come to an end and jobs remain scarce, experts are predicting a possibly unprecedented wave of displacement and homelessness. Against this bleak backdrop, a new book offers a ray of hope. On Common Ground, edited by John Emmeus Davis, Line Algoed, and María Hernández-Torrales, documents how interest in one of the more exciting new economic models to emerge in recent decades, the Community Land Trust (CLT), is spreading around the world."

Thomas Hanna, Research Director, Democracy Collaborative