Reweaving the Tapestry of Tenure

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Reweaving the Tapestry of Tenure: Eight Elders of the CLT Movement Who Championed Community Ownership of Land is the second of our interview series of publications.

While many people can be credited with the global spread of CLTs, eight individuals have been especially influential in pioneering, refining, and promoting this dynamic strategy of community-led development on community-owned land. Shirley Sherrod, Mtamanika Youngblood, Kirby White, Susan Witt, Gus Newport, Stephen Hill, María E. Hernández Torrales, and Yves Cabannes are "elders" of a movement they helped to create.

Starting from different backgrounds and careers, these eight individuals came to a similar realization. Community ownership, in particular, would make equitable development more likely. They became advocates for the CLT, therefore, mainly because they found it to be a practical tool for converting the land beneath homes, businesses, facilities, and farms from a speculative commodity bought and sold for private gain into a community asset used to promote the common good.

Over the years, they have championed the "L" in CLT above all. Land reform is what CLTs are "really about" in the eyes of these elders--reweaving the tapestry of tenure to enable place-based communities to bend the arc of their own development toward justice.