2021 International CLT Festival – archive page

Three Logos

Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC), World Habitat, and the Center for CLT Innovation are partnering to present the International Community Land Trust Festival, running from September to December 2021. The Festival will consist of a series of online events, some live and some prerecorded, and included the first World CLT Day on October 29th.

The CLT Festival is the culmination of four years work by SHICC funded by the European Union. SHICC-sponsored events will occur in September, while events sponsored by the Center for CLT Innovation will continue throughout the Fall and early Winter. And registration for SHICC and CLT Center-sponsored events is free!  There will be simultaneous translation into English and French for all online events -- with the addition of Spanish for the Center for CLT Innovation's events.

CLT Festival Calendar

Please note that the times displayed are US Eastern Time.

Upcoming Festival Events

December 2, 2021: 11 AM Eastern (US), 5 PM CET

"Beyond Housing" Applications of the CLT Model

DESCRIPTION:  The CLT model is infinitely flexible, and can accommodate many types of development -- including no development at all (conservation). CLTs can do more than one thing -- and can be all the stronger for doing it! In this webinar, our panelists will provide case study presentations about their organizations and projects, demonstrating the importance of using all the tools in your CLT toolbelt to create a diverse portfolio and set of programs.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

MODERATOR: Mariangela Veronesi, World Habitat (UK)


  • Heather Benham, Athens Land Trust (US)
  • Aaron Miripol, Urban Land Conservancy (US)
  • Britt Jurgensen, Tom Murphy, Homebaked Community Land Trust (UK)


December 7, 2021: noon Eastern (US), 6 PM CET

CLTs and Community Organizing

DESCRIPTION: This webinar will examine the theory and practice of community organizing in establishing a community land trust and securing land -- as well as the participatory planning process once land has been secured.

LANGUAGES: English, Portuguese, Spanish

MODERATOR: Dave Smith, London Community Land Trust (UK)


  • Ashley Allen, Houston Community Land Trust (US)
  • Alejandro Cotté Morales, El Enjambre, LLC (Puerto Rico)
  • Geert De Pauw, Community Land Trust Brussels (Belgium)
  • Tony Hernandez, Dudley Neighbors Inc. (US)


SHICC (Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities) is a European project that aims to develop, support and disseminate the CLT/OFS model in Europe. SHICC is structured around three main themes: recognition of the legitimacy of the model, creation of a financial and legislative environment conducive to the establishment and expansion of CLT/OFS, and capacity building for existing and emerging CLT/OFS

This Festival has been made possible thanks to the support of the SHICC project and the Brussels-Capital Region.