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To All Members of the Global CLT Movement

In collaboration with the SHICC Network and World Habitat, we are hosting an online "World CLT Day" social media campaign. We’re asking you to please join us in participation on October 29th.

What is it?
We’re inviting all CLTs around the world to come together and join us in celebration of the community land movement and all its collective progress. We’re a diverse and widespread movement, and World CLT Day is an opportunity to give visibility to the growing community of CLTs and share your exciting work with peers around the globe.

Our theme is "this land is our land" in recognition of CLTs common purpose to reclaim land and resources and use them to build social, sustainable, and vibrant communities.

How do you participate?
Just upload a video, photo, or text between now and October 29th featuring people and places from your CLT. See the instructions below on how to post to Facebook or Twitter.  We are especially interested in seeing the faces and hearing the voices of people (in your own language) from the community served by your CLT.  And we'll be taking all of your texts, photos and videos and creating a compilation video that we'll post on our website after World CLT Day is over.

Why are we doing it?
We want to spotlight the amazing growth of CLTs and launch the beginning of an annual day World CLT day to recognize our work.  If you’re a CLT, thinking of starting a CLT, or a community group that identifies with the CLT movement, please get involved!

World CLT Day Poster English

Download the World CLT Day Poster!

Get a free copy of On Common Ground or En terreno común just for participating!

Post your video or photo on Facebook or Twitter while holding the World CLT Day poster (which you can download on the World CLT Day website -- and then email us a screenshot by November 5th.  We'll select five entries to win your choice of either On Common Ground or En terreno común.

Instructions for Facebook and Twitter Hashtag Campaigns

  1. Between now and October 29th, post your tweet with text, photos, and/or video using the hashtag “#worldcltday”.
  2. Videos can be as short as 30 seconds -- and no longer than two minutes and 20 seconds (Twitter's hard cap on video length).
  3. For photos and videos, try to include the World CLT Day poster localized for your own language, which you can download above.
  4. And then please share widely on your social networks!
  5. What if you don't use Facebook or Twitter?  You can send your text, images and/or videos to us at, and we'll post it for you!

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