World CLT Day 2022 Archive

We’re inviting all CLTs around the world to come together on October 28th and 29th to join us in celebration of the community land trust movement. We’re a diverse and widespread movement, and World CLT Day is an opportunity to give visibility to the growing community of CLTs and share your exciting work with peers around the globe.

Our theme is "community matters" to acknowledge the importance of putting the "C" in CLT, and all the ways that CLTs engage with their local communities.

How do you participate?
Just upload a video, photo, or text featuring people and places from your CLT. See the instructions below on how to post to Facebook or Twitter.  We are especially interested in seeing the faces and hearing the voices of people (in your own language) from the community served by your CLT.  And we'll be taking all of your photos and videos and creating a compilation video that we'll post on our website after World CLT Day is over.

Thanks to our sponsors!
We are grateful to the financial sponsors of World CLT Day: California CLT Network, Champlain Housing Trust, Gary Philanthropy, Lopez CLT, Midfirst Bank, and Urban Land Conservancy.

Thanks to our planning committee!
The Center for CLT Innovation is grateful to our lead partner, CLT Brussels, as well as the other organizations that have participated in helping plan World CLT Day:  CLT Gent, Catalytic Communities/Favela CLT Network, South of Scotland Community Housing, and Stadtbodenstiftung.

Photo of Oakland CLT

Facebook Feed for World CLT Day 2022

Photo of CLT Brussels

Twitter Feed for World CLT Day 2022

Get a free PDF of Community Matters!

Post your video or photo on Facebook or Twitter while holding the World CLT Day poster and then email us a screenshot by November 5th.  We'll send you a PDF of our latest publication, Community Matters.

Instructions for Facebook and Twitter Hashtag Campaigns

  1. Between now and October 28th, post your text, photos, and/or video to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag “#worldcltday2022”.
  2. If you decide to post a video, it can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 2 minutes.
  3. When snapping a photo or making a video, try to show the poster for World CLT Day 2022 somewhere in the background or foreground.
  4. And then please share widely on your social networks!
  5. What if you don't use Facebook or Twitter?  You can send your text, images and/or videos directly to us at and we'll post it for you!